Advising the Advisors - Dr. Jack Singer

By Dr. Jack Singer
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Financial Advisor Trainer and Coach


Advising the Advisors Series


Personal Performance Series – Financial Advisors

Dr. Jack Singer on the Personal Performance Series with Brokers Alliance Steve Savant

Brokers Alliance Steve Savant’s special guest is Dr. Jack Singer, licensed Clinical, Sport & Industrial Psychologist. Dr. Jack addresses company conventions, conferences and provides individual training and coaching for Elite athletes. Dr. Jack shares the same powerful skills, with the financial industry that he uses for champions and incorporates them into his keynote presentations.

Steve Savant is a national insurance columnist, financial color commentator and host of the daily Internet talk show, The Business Insurance Zone.

Overcoming Imposter Fear With Dr. Jack Singer

Overcoming imposter fear is defeating the mindset of that you’re somehow a fake, perhaps because of the lack of knowledge, speaking skills, client intimidation, etc.

Dr. Jack takes you through the methods he uses with professional athletics to overcome what he calls is imposter fear.


The Internal Critic, the Origins of Self Doubt with Dr. Jack Singer

Dr. Jack Singer walks you through yourself doubt that results the obstacle of an internal criticism that short circuit your production goals.


Focus on the Process of Advising not Outcome of Compensation with Dr. Jack Singer

Dr. Jack Singer helps you focus on the process of advising not the outcome of your compensation. The goal is shepherding your client to the right financial decision, not the end game of compensation.


Five Steps to Developing Mental Toughness with Dr. Jack Singer

Dr. Jack Singer lays out his 5 Steps to developing mental toughness:

  • The Rubber Band Technique
  • Centralized Breathing
  • Challenging the Negative Thought
  • Identity Statement
  • Breathing Breath


The Pivot Point to Persuasion & Active Listening with Dr. Jack Singer

Dr. Jack Singer addresses the pivot point to persuasion, which features his theory of active listening.

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