Tips for Healthcare Professionals - 3 Keys to Preventing Burnout

Healthcare Professionals: 3 Keys to Preventing Burnout

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We don’t often think about the extreme stress that medical practitioners endure while shouldering the tremendous responsibility for the lives of their patients. Burnout and early career termination are frequent occurrences among these professionals, whether they are doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, trauma first responders, EMS professionals or emergency room staff. Some of these medic... Read More »

2016 APA Work and Well-Being Survey Shows that We Still Have a Long Way to Go in Job Stress and Workplace Wellness

2016 APA Work and Well-Being Survey: Still a Long Way to Go in Workplace Wellness

Blog / Stress / Workplace Wellness

Every year the American Psychological Association conducts a survey to study stress, workplace wellness, and other critical factors among America’s workers. The 2016 survey was conducted in March and findings were released in June, so it’s time once again to examine the results of the APA Work and Well-Being Survey. The results show key areas where employers can improve their respective workplaces... Read More »

rivet your clients and friends to your brand

A Fabulous Idea to Firmly Rivet Your Clients and Their Friends to Your Brand

Featured / Workplace Wellness

With so much competition in the marketplace, many businesses are continually looking for ways to build their brand and expand their reach to new markets. This requires a business to develop a solid foundation of people and products in their own organization, which is fundamental to building a solid brand. However, some smart businesses are taking their growth to a whole new level by finding ways t... Read More »

The Important Link Between Optimism and Sales Success

The Important Link Between Optimism and Sales Success

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How do you explain unfortunate events to yourself, such as not getting the sale? Is the tone of your self-talk optimistic or pessimistic? As it turns out, the way you explain negative life events matters because there is a link between optimism and sales success. Based on over 1000 studies, we know that optimism has the power to boost your sales. Research on the link between optimism and sales beg... Read More »

How Corporate Wellness Programs Boost Employees AND Companies

How Corporate Wellness Programs Boost Employees AND Companies

Self Improvement / Stress / Stress Management / Workplace Wellness

Corporate wellness is a current buzz word, but the fact is, some businesses have been offering corporate wellness programs for years or even decades. New research on corporate wellness and the physical effects of stress is making more and more corporations interested in implementing their own wellness programs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes the norm in the future. Arguably the most c... Read More »

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