How Stress Impacts Physical Health - Fight or Flight in the 21st Century
How Stress Impacts Physical Health - Fight or Flight in the 21st Century dr jack 2

How Stress Impacts Physical Health: Fight or Flight in the 21st Century

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In my last blog post over at Advising the Advisors, I talked about how stress forms. Although most people view stress as the result of specific negative events in their lives, stress is actually not formed by these events but rather how you interpret them. A negative event can trigger a series of negative thought patterns, and when you get caught in these tangents you, yourself, create your own st... Read More »

Psychologically Healthy Workplace
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The Power of a Psychologically Healthy Workplace

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For many years now, the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Center for Organizational Excellence has recognized companies across the U.S. that embody the principals of a “Psychologically Healthy Workplace.” For years, I’ve been involved in cutting-edge research on the specific ingredients that make up such workplaces.  All organizations should strive to embrace these characteristics, ... Read More »

Emotional Wellbeing

How Stress Can Knock the Health Out of You!

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Robert Sapolsky in his wonderful book, “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers,” said it best: “A critical shift in medicine has been the recognition that many of the damaging diseases of slow accumulation can be either caused or made far worse by stress. Accordingly, a wealth of research has surfaced over the past 30 years showing clear relationships between stress and major diseases, including asthma, back... Read More »

Advisors: 4 Steps to Reduce Stress

Advisors: 4 Steps to Reduce Stress

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The foundation of stress is not an event, such as dealing with an angry client, having difficulty with your prospecting calls, or watching the market tank unexpectedly. It is your “self-talk” about each event that either causes stress or doesn’t.  These “self-talk” habits are part of what I call your “internal critic.” Your “internal critic” is that little voice within that spews out an average of... Read More »

Advisors: 4 Steps to Reduce Stress

Solutions for the Stress of Wealth Management

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Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually because of stress: stress-related medical insurance claims; workers’ compensation benefits; reduced productivity and so on. UNDERSTAND THE SOURCE Feelings of stress, including the symptoms mentioned above, are not directly caused by the necessity to make cold calls or generate referrals, by market fluctuations and disgruntled clients or by fiducia... Read More »

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