Sports Psychology

Applied Sports Psychology / Stress Management

When the chips are down, the athlete often cannot share his/her inner fears, anxiety and anger issues with the coach or their parents. Now the athlete has a new ally…the professional Sports Psychologist (also referred as the professional Sport Psychologist). The Sports Psychologist, who should be certified and well-trained in examining the whole person, can provide the athlete with skills th... Read More »

The Elusive “Zone” in Sports

Applied Sports Psychology

We’ve all heard athletes talking about playing “in the zone,” “being in the zone,” “being in flow,” and playing “in a groove.”  Exactly what is this and how do athletes learn to attain it? DEFINING THE ZONE This is a state of consciousness where the athlete becomes totally absorbed in what he/she is doing, to the exclusion of all other thoughts and emotions. So, a crucial ingredient of being in th... Read More »

Stress Management Tips: Managing Stress in the Workplace

Stress Management

Now, more than ever people are reporting stress issues in the workplace. Many people are fearful of losing their jobs in the current economy and recent research shows that 40% of the American employees admit that their jobs are very stressful. Read More »

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