Champion Advisor Keynote


The economy, a roller coaster stock market, client fears regarding the lost decade, constantly changing regulatory requirements, unclear tax legislation, increased fiduciary challenges…all are facts of life these days for financial advisors and investment counselors.

Dr. Jack Singer is both a Professional Speaker and a Professional Sport Psychologist, who, for more than 20 years, has brought the skills he teaches to world class athletes to Sales Professionals. In short, in this REFRESHING & UNIQUE PROGRAM, Dr. Jack will teach your attendees how to finally and permanently unleash the subconscious barriers to their success, during these challenging times.

His clients include major firms, such as Transamerica Capital, MetLife Investments, Sun Trust, Union Bank, SII Investments and Centaurus Investments. His articles appear in more than 20 financial magazines and periodicals, including Producer’s Web, Advisor Perspectives and Investor’s Business.

Your attendees will be able to put these skills to use immediately the day they return to their jobs… and because fun and laughter make learning much more powerful, Dr. jack will have your attendees roaring throughout the presentation. Just wait until you hear how Jack dealt with his pants splitting wide open during a presentation to the Directors of the IRS!

“The most important and valuable program I’ve heard in my field for years! I would definitely bring Dr. Jack back again.” ~ Audrey Kamin, Regional Sales VP, Met Life Investments


  • How to overcome the number one fear preventing peak performance in the advising profession;
  • How to overcome the number one fear preventing peak performance in the advising profession;
  • How to bounce back quickly from setbacks;
  • How to employ a 5-minute mental toughness routine each day to keep the winner’s edge.
  • BONUS! Dr. Jack will also teach your group the psychological secrets for attracting and retaining clients.
“The best talk I have heard in years!”  ~ Randy Thill, AIG Financial Advisors


  • Recognize the exact thinking habits that lead to mediocre performance in your advising career and shatter them instantly;
  • Identify and remove the self-limiting beliefs that erode self-confidence and lead to lack of confidence;
  • Lock into “The Zone” and watch your book of business soar!
“Excellent. This was the best presentation of the conference!” ~ Cindy Mangan, Transamerica Capital
“It was all of great value to me. Excellent.”  ~ Stan Shaw, Independent Financial Group
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