Champion Athlete Keynote

Competition, pressure to win, playing/coaching your best when it matters the most…all are facts of life these days in athletics. The key challenge for athletes and coaches is sustaining positive attitudes, and maintaining mental toughness, before and during competition, despite adversity. Finding ways to remain consistently optimistic, with minimal stress, is critical to the athletic and team success.

In this cutting edge presentation, Dr. Jack will teach you the same secrets that superior (champion) athletes use to consistently perform their best, when it matters the most.

Attending this Keynote will Enable You To:

  • Recognize the exact thoughts that lead to peak performance, consistently
  • Deploy a powerful formula for identifying and eliminating the self-limiting beliefs that prevent consistent success
  • Maximize your ability to control your “Internal Critic” in order win the inner game of athletic performance
  • Empower yourself (and your team) to championship levels, despite setbacks
  • Add life and years to your career and, while you turbo- charge your athletic performance!
Jack, your presentations were enlightening, empowering, and thoroughly enjoyed by our entire executive staff. I highly recommend your services to any organization interested in building …a strong leadership and service team. ~ Bill Lockyer, California Attorney General


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