Champion Health Care Keynote

The economy, reduced medical reimbursement rates, litigious patients, new and confusing healthcare legislation, workplace frustration, balancing work and home, hospital politics …all are facts of life these days. The key challenge in the 21st Century for healthcare professionals is sustaining positive attitudes, both for themselves and in order to best serve their patients. Above all, finding ways to remain consistently optimistic, with minimal stress, is critical to the success of your business..

In this cutting edge presentation, Dr. Jack will teach you the exact same secrets that superior (champion) athletes use to consistently perform their best, when it matters the most.

Attending This Keynote Will Enable You To:

  • Recognize the exact thoughts that lead to reaching your ultimate career goals
  • Deploy a powerful formula for identifying and eliminating the self-limiting beliefs that underlie self-defeating beliefs that prevent professional success
  • Maximize your ability to control your “Internal Critic” in order to win the inner game of peak performance
  • Drive new patients to you, and maintain your present patients by learning the secrets of active listening
  • Add life to your years and years to your life, while you turbo charge your career!
IIt is the rare exception that a speaker can capture the needs, interests, fears, worries, hopes and daily experiences of a dentist. You not only did all that, but did it in an entertaining and interesting manner that kept the attention of all who attended. ~ Connie Ballard, Clark County Dental
This has been one of the most enjoyable presentations I have heard in the last 20 years. (Seriously!) I could spend a week listening to Dr. Singer. ~ Mel Margaris, M.D., Benefits Healthcare Society
The most valuable 3 hours I have ever spent in a seminar! ~ Karon Haun, Forest City Regional Medical Center
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