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The economy, having to do more with fewer people, dealing with the uncertainties that come with mergers and acquisitions, job insecurity…all are facts of life these days for HR professionals. The key challenge is to be able to remain consistently optimistic, efficient, and be able to bounce back from inevitable disappointments and frustrations quickly.

Dr. Jack Singer has a Ph.D. in I/O Psychology, a post doctorate In Clinical/Sport Psychology and 33 years of consulting with business and industry. He has worked for General Motors and has consulted with and spoken for many Fortune 1000 companies, including: American Express, Citibank, Deloitte & Touche, the IRS and Motorola. Moreover, he has been invited to SHRM to speak twice and to many state HR chapters. His articles appear in many HR and corporate journals and magazines, including The Sociology of Work and Occupations Journal, the Journal of Vocational Behavior, and The Organized Executive.

In addition to his I/O specialty, Dr. Jack is a Professional Sport Psychologist, who, for more than 20 years, has brought the skills he teaches to world class athletes to HR professionals. In short, in this REFRESHING & UNIQUE PRESENTATION, Dr. Jack will teach your attendees how to finally and permanently unleash the subconscious barriers to their success as HR Professionals, during these challenging times.


  • How to overcome the number one fear preventing peak performance in their HR career;
  • How to bounce back quickly from setbacks and disappointments;
  • How to employ a 5-minute mental toughness routine each day, to keep the winner’s edge in their jobs.

Your attendees will be able to put these skills to use immediately the day they return to their jobs.

“‘Absolutely loved it,’ ‘Funtabulous Speaker,’ and ‘Perfect for HR Professionals’ are examples of the fabulous comments our members made following your wonderful program.” ~ L. Bonita Patterson, Colorado Human Resources Association


  • Recognize the exact thinking habits that lead to mediocre performance in your HR career and shatter them instantly
  • Identify and remove the self-limiting beliefs that erode self-confidence and lead to lack of confidence;
  • Lock into “The Zone” and watch your HR career soar!
“The most interesting, fact-filled and relaxing presentation I have ever heard. You didn’t want to miss a minute of it!”  ~ Carla Leaver, HR Director, Work Options Group
“From our first conversation, I knew Jack was the right person to speak to our group, and he far exceeded even my high expectations and standards. Not only was he funny and engaging, he truly had the entire group spellbound throughout his presentation.”  ~ Greg Thomas, JD, MBA, MA, SPHR-CA, GPHR, Sacramento Area HR Association

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