Champion Sales Keynote


Your competition, the uncertain economy and stock market, the Madoff fiasco, advisors feeling pressure to offer “guaranteed” products to their clients…all are facts of life these days for your Sales Professionals.

Dr. Jack Singer is both a Professional Speaker and a Professional Sport Psychologist, who, for more than 27 years, has brought the skills he teaches to world class athletes to Sales Professionals. In short, in this REFRESHING & UNIQUE PROGRAM, Dr. Jack will teach your attendees how to finally and PERMANENTLY unleash the subconscious barriers to their success, during these challenging times.

His clients include the sales staffs of IBM, Microsoft, Transamerica Capital, Mutual of Omaha, MetLife, the Principal, and AON and his articles appear in more than 30 sales magazines and journals, including Master Salesmanship, Selling Power, and The American Salesman.

Your attendees will be able to PUT THESE SKILLS TO USE IMMEDIATELY the day they return to their jobs.

“Dr. Jack spoke for a group of my insurance sales producers a few years ago and he was so popular that the TPN group hired him for their National meeting. I know we’re always looking for new speakers – loved hearing Lou Holtz last year. Jack is on par with him and his new keynote is a great value added presentation. We can’t wait to bring Dr. Jack back to our group!” ~ Audrey Kamin, Regional Sales Vice President MetLife Investors Distribution Company

Among the skills your attendees will earn are:

  • How to overcome the number one fear preventing peak performance in the sales profession;
  • How to bounce back quickly from setbacks;
  • How to employ a 5-minute mental toughness routine each day, to keep the winner’s edge
  • BONUS: Dr. Jack will also teach them the psychological secrets for attracting and retaining clients!


  • Recognize the exact thinking habits that lead to mediocre performance and shatter them instantly;
  • Identify and remove the self-limiting beliefs that erode self-confidence and lead to negative attitudes;
  • Attract new clients like a magnet and retain them.

“The unsolicited comments have all been extremely positive with some of our people saying your presentation really hit home and that you were one of the best speakers they’ve ever heard.” ~ Jerry Reiter, Mega Cap Corporation
“Thank you for a most invigorating speaking performance at our Western Regional Sales Conference. Your pearls of witticism and wisdom made this a wonderful awards banquet.”  ~ Tim Thalman, AON Corporation

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