Unlocking the Mindset of the Champion Within You is a cutting-edge and completely new approach to a major business and corporate training.

Finally… for your next business conference or training session, you can bring your corporate attendees a unique, customized program that will pack much more punch than the typical business keynote or training seminar…and they will be riveted because they will roar with laughter while they absorb these career-enhancing gems!

The key to business success always rests within the mindset of the employees.  Understanding why they have kept their potential locked inside and how to unleash it are powerful, career-enhancing skills they can quickly learn. This powerful keynote teaches your audience the exact INTERNAL skills they need to move their “game” to another level and become a business superstar!

During these challenging and uncertain times, you want your people to perform their best after setbacks and in adversity.  This program is intended to accomplish exactly that! All of the skills of the business and corporate superstar are exactly the same skills that separate good athletes from world-class, elite athletes.

A proud member of the National Speakers Association, Dr. Jack Singer not only speaks all over the world, but he is a  Professional Sport Psychologist and he has been training world class champions for more than 30 years.  Now, your business team can learn to develop the precise mental and emotional skills that will maximize their performance, consistently.

In this keynote, your audience will develop the mental toughness, confidence, consistency, anxiety control, motivation and attitudes of elite athletes in order to turbo charge their success!

Specifically, your attendees will learn how to:

  • Develop a winning game plan
  • Recognize and overcome their “Internal Critic
  • Apply the seven steps to peak performance to their own careers
  • Sustain mental toughness after setbacks
  • Develop  and maintain the optimistic attitudes that lead to consistent success
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