Interested in learning more about Dr. Jack Singer? Want to learn how YOU can Develop The Mindset of a Champion? Listen to these inspiring interviews with Dr. Jack Singer below.

“Unlocking the Minds of Athletes” with Isaac Byrd

unlocking the minds of athletes

“Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience and expertise on Unlocking the Minds of Athletes Podcast.”

Isaac Byrd, NFL Veteran, Professional Speaker and Author

Listen to the video below or, click here to access the interview on iTunes.

“Tremendous Life Radio” with Todd Weaver

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“What defines a champion from a a good athlete is that a champion is the person that bounces back from inevitable set backs.  The good athlete has the setback and is thrown backwards.  But how do you deal with the setbacks in life that everyone is going to face? That’s the mark of a champion.”

~ Dr. Jack Singer

Listen to Dr. Jack Singer’s interview to learn more about how you can develop the mindset of a champion.








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