Here’s what meeting planners and attendees are saying about Dr. Jack Singer’s enlightening, motivation and educational keynote speeches and wellness seminars.

Association Executives

“You effectively combined your vast knowledge and humor to provide a very thought provoking and entertaining meeting.” ~ Keely Fagan, South Carolina Society of Association Executives

“You were one of the most highly rated speakers we’ve ever had the pleasure to present… it was all I hoped for and more!”~ Ruth Schnabel, CalFest

“Perhaps the best one hour investment made at the entire convention!” ~ Michael Conley, NADA Automotive Industry

“Wonderful, entertaining and exciting!” ~ Terri Carter, National Auto Dealers Assn.

“Our dealers learned much from you. They took home many great ideas to implement within their dealerships.” ~ Denise Brennan, Idaho Automobile Dealers Association

“Dr. Singer, you delivered your material with a mixture of professor, evangelist and comedian all wrapped up in one package. You are the ‘real deal’.” ~ George Werner, NADA

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Banking Industry

“Your message was enlightening, motivating and thought provoking.”~ Steve Garofalo, Citibank

“When I initially contacted Dr. Jack singer regarding speaking at our conference he promised me that I would be thrilled with the results and I decided to engage him. Boy was he right! His presentation was not only enlightening and hilarious, but so informative and applicable to everyone’s real life and job situations.”~ Cynthia Pazzaglia, First Citizens National Bank

“Dr. Singer was hilarious and thought provoking at the same time! ~ Christine Bogaczyk, First Citizens National Bank

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“Jack truly knows how to captivate the audience will delivering powerful messages.” ~ Wendy Harris, NARUC

“Terrific! Jack, we’ll definitely have you back.” ~ Deloitte & Touche

“Jack’s humorous delivery was polished, professional and so relevant for our employees.” ~ James Byrd, Level 3 Communication

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Dental Industry

“It is the rare exception that a speaker can capture the needs, interests, fears, worries, hopes and daily experiences of a dentist. You not only did all that, but did it in an entertaining and interesting manner that kept the attention of all who attended.” ~ Connie Ballard, Clark County Dental Society

“I’ve never learned so much and laughed so much at a seminar.” ~ Julie Smith PCAO

“Astounding, Poignant, Hilarious!” ~ Dr. Ronald Jawor, PCAO

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“This was the best presentation I have seen in my 12 years of teaching. Bravo, Dr. Jack!” ~ Andrew Star, Clark Country Schools

“Jack’s presentation really hit the target dead center. We all left feeling better about ourselves and had the tools to keep those feelings at the same positive levels.” ~ Kathy Ridd, Utah Secondary School Principals Association

“So many ideas shot out in great nuggets. I learned so much! ~ Lynda Powers, Ulster College

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Entrepreneur Associations

“One of the best overall professional speakers I have ever heard.” ~Ken Amborski, HME Properties

“Dr. Jack is immediately engaging and uses his insights and humor to focus us on achieving our goals. ~ Betsy Jackson, Ohio Real Estate Investors Association

“Uplifting, insightful, inspirational and delightful.” ~ Jim English, MIPOA

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Financial Advisors

We recently invited Dr. Jack to give a presentation for our clients and the response was overwhelmingly positive! Not only was his content relevant and helpful, but his delivery was polished and entertaining. Time and again, event attendees expressed their appreciation for bringing Dr. Jack in to speak for them. His artful use of humor to drive key points home ensured that all in attendance walked away energized and motivated to improve their lives. We would not hesitate to have Dr. Jack back. We highly recommend his work! – Robert Sofia, C.O.O., Platinum Advisor Marketing Strategies, LLC

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Governmental Agencies

“Jack, your presentations were enlightening, empowering and thoroughly enjoyed by our entire executive staff. I highly recommend your services to any organization interested in building a strong leadership and service team. ~ Bill Lockyer, Attorney General of California

“Jack is the most dynamic and open presenter I’ve ever seen… his presentation was of supreme value…not to be missed…don’t ever drop him as a speaker!” ~ Michelle Burns, Air Resources Board

“Got to the hearts and minds of the audience. A unique presentation.” ~ Wing Chan, NASA

Healthcare Associations

“The most valuable 3 hours I have ever spent in a seminar!” ~ Karon Haun, Forest City Regional Medical Center

“Jack is a force to be reckoned with. His ability to relate to an audience and keep them engaged is an outstanding outset.”~ Bernina Grady, Bon Secours Health

“This was simply excellent! A great way to relax… time well spent… it renewed me!”~ Deb McCraken, Benefis Healthcare

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Hospitality Industry

“Awesome. The best seminar at this conference!” ~ Sara Nunes, Sunburst Resorts

“Undoubtedly the best workshop I’ve been to in a very long time!” ~ Darlene Hutchinson, Meetings, Etc.

“All to whom I spoke were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about your presentation and about the tips and pointers you gave them regarding self-correcting measures they can take to better deal with the challenges they face in the hospitality industry.” ~ Kim Parker Feller, SORA Management

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Human Resources Professionals

I met Dr. Jack when I was searching for speakers for our SAHRA (Sacramento Area HR Association) monthly meetings. From our first conversation, I knew Jack was the right person to speak to our group, and he far exceeded even my high expectations and standards. Not only was he funny and engaging, he truly had the entire group spellbound throughout his presentation. As importantly, his message was on point and impactful. Jack has it all – style, substance, and insight. He is a very gifted speaker and has that special something that makes people stop and listen. It is something you cannot define, but Jack has “it.”

I was even more fortunate to get to know Jack personally when we both dined with the SAHRA President. She and I were both very impressed with Jack. He is a very caring person with amazing communication skills and the ability to connect with everyone I was not surpised that our entire audience at the SAHRA luncheon had the same reaction. I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Jack!  ~ Greg Thomas, JD, MBA, MA, SPHR-CA, GPHR, Sacramento Area HR Association

“The most interesting, fact-filled and relaxing presentation I have ever heard. You didn’t want to miss a minute of it!” ~ Carla Leaver, Work Options Group

“‘’Absolutely loved it’, ‘Funtabulous Speaker’, and ‘Perfect for HR Professionals’ are examples of the fabulous comments our members made following your wonderful program. ~ L. Bonita Patterson, Colorado Human Resources Association

“Jack has the tools to be a key influencer in the 21st century. His work is wonderful for any audience.” ~ Alysa Bostick, Reeds Jewelers

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Insurance Industry

“We wanted you to motivate, excite and inspire the attendees and that’s exactly what you delivered!” ~ Peter Shevlin, The Principal Financial Group

“Concise, to the point, informative and funny!” ~ Marcia Sutton, Home Insurance

“Informative, uplifting and enlightening.”~ Judy Cuccorelli, Met. P&C

Legal Associations

“You were a breath of fresh air, Jack… Having you as our speaker is one of the best things we have ever done.” ~ Steve Glickman, Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles

“Jack is an eloquent and compelling speaker.” Wendy Sweet, Association of Legal Administrators

“Simply the best! Extremely meaningful material.”~ Gary McDiamid, Russell, McVeagh, McKenzie, Bartleet & Co.

Medical/Dental Associations

“This has been one of the most enjoyable presentations I have heard in the last 20 years. (Seriously!) I could spend a week listening to Dr. Singer.” ~ Mel Margaris, M.D., Benefits Healthcare

“This was an excellent, fun presentation, filled with ideas to help me be more effective in my position.” ~ Linda Wyble, M.D., Surgical Center Association

“The absolute best presentation in my experience… and so funny!”~ George Gelernter, M.D., Benefis Healthcare

Meeting Professionals

“It absolutely rocked!” ~ Julie Saba, WOW Events

“What a refreshing presentation! Jack gets your attention in a unique way and gets his message across in a way you will always remember.” ~ Sherry Gifford, DOT

“I walked out with 10 more years of great ideas. Thanks, Jack!” ~  Anissa Allen, Bath and Body Works

Pharmacy Associations

“You are certainly one of the most effective speakers I have heard because of your ability to present powerful information with humor.” ~ Janet McGillvray, Manitoba Phamaceutical Association

“Your brilliant use of humor and life examples kept the audience spellbound.”~ Ed Kostyniuk, Bayer

“Jack Singer’s advice is tailor made for us.” ~ Mollie Ann Hibbs, American Pharmaceutical Association

Real Estate

“Jack, you not only energized our audience with your enlightening, positive and entertaining message, but you undoubtedly changed their lives.”~ David Verani, Bluegreen Corporation

“A truly master motivator… thank you!” ~ Susan Padgett, Bluewater GMAC Real Estate

“Just what I needed to hear’, ‘I have never heard a better speaker’, and ‘Jack, you struck a note in my soul’ are examples of the comments our attendees made following your wonderful program.” ~ Rick O’Neal, Help-U-Sell


“The unsolicited comments have all been extremely positive with some of our people saying your presentation really hit home and that you were one of the best speakers they’ve ever heard.” ~ Jerry Reiter, Mega Cap Corporation

“Thank you for a most invigorating speaking performance at our Western Regional Sales Conference. Your pearls of witticism and wisdom made this a wonderful awards banquet.”~ Tim Thalman, AON Corporation

“Jack showed us the tremendous power of humor in sales success.”~ David Kasmier, NIT Telecom

Service Organizations

“Jack Singer… you are definitely the best of the best!” ~ Ken Boyd, Rotary International

“I have attended sessions with motivational speakers for many, many years, many of whom were nationally-known speakers. Without a doubt, Jack’s presentation was the best! ~ Steve Fisher, Optimist International

Dr. Singer is a warm, engaging and knowledgeable speaker who uses great humor and obvious sincerity in his very ‘upbeat’ presentations. His enthusiasm is contagious.” ~ Judge Brian Stevenson, International Association of Lions Clubs

Software Users Groups

“With a diverse audience comprised of mid-to-senior level management representing at least sixty Fortune 1000 companies, a keynote session with wide appeal is a challenge. You met that challenge and your talk was the highest rated keynote session at our three day conference.”  ~ Guy E. Michael, FMS/IDEAS Software Users Association

“Because of your message and the way you presented quick, sound, solid vignettes, everyone went away feeling great about themselves and the day before them.”  ~ Jonathan McKallip, Sweetwater Enterprises

“Our attendees used a variety of wonderful descriptions to portray their experiences during your presentation including, ‘much needed’, ‘an eye opener’, ’genuine’, ‘very beneficial’, ‘provided tremendous insight’, and ’so much fun’.” ~ Rafia Siddiqui, FMS/IDEAS

Technology Corporations

“Great practical ideas that I can apply right away!” ~ Brian Wilson, Microsoft

“Your presentation was the highlight of the conference.  You have a great style… no wonder you are so popular Jack!” ~ Nancy Gamon, Litton Corporation

“This was an excellent approach to increasing our morale and achieving our business objectives. And I loved the team building!” ~ Darlene Driver, IBM

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