The following guidelines are being provided to make sure Dr. Jack’s program works beautifully for your organization, and so your audience members get the most out of the experience. If you are unable to meet these criteria, please let us know.

Keynote Checklist

  • For audience seating, a herringbone pattern is ideal, especially if theatre style. If using round tables, please set in crescent style (leave the two places on the stage side of the table without chairs so no one’s back is to the speaker).  If using classroom style with rectangular tables, please use herringbone pattern with aisle up the middle for speaker to move about freely.
  • Please provide a cordless, HAND-HELD mike, not a wireless lavaliere microphone.
  • Please have a small (draped) round table in front for Dr. Jack’s props, materials and laptop.
  • Please have a pitcher of cool water, (no ice please) and a glass.
  • If there is a head table, please provide seating for those at the head table to move to in order to view the speaker from the room.
  • Please have the house lights partially dimmed so that attendees can relax and listen to carefully and yet still see the speaker’s face easily.
  • If there are considerably more chairs in the room than there are audience members, please rope (or tape) off the back rows, so that people are sitting together and in the front part of the room, enhancing group synergy and attention.
  • Please set room temperature NO HIGHER than 68 degrees.
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