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You know the importance of training your muscles. But you should also know the importance of training your mind. It’s no secret that elite athletes like Tiger Woods, Ken Norton (who used hypnosis training before his famous victory where he broke Mohammad Ali’s jaw), and Nolan Ryan all used hypnosis to propel them to the next level.

Now, you can acquire these same techniques, and reap the benefits of unconscious peak-performance training.

In just four sessions, Dr. Jack’s unique hypnosis techniques and visualization exercises will help you fully utilize your unconscious mind for peak sports performance. You’ll learn to enlist all facets of your consciousness to help you overcome obstacles. Each session will take you into deeper states of relaxation and focus.

All athletes train hard. But less than 1% know how to apply the techniques you’ll learn from Dr. Jack Singer’s Core Sports Performance program. Hypnosis can make the difference for every athlete who wants to gain a competitive edge.

[box] Gives Athletes The Ability To Focus To Gain That Edge

“I believe that the difference between good athletes and great ones is that little edge mentally. When an athlete is confident in his abilities, he can do just about anything. I feel that Dr. Jack Singer’s program can give athletes the ability to focus to gain that edge.” – Howie Schwab – Stump The Schwab Host – ESPN [/box]

How Do I Know If This Program Is for Me?

You can see from the reviews that the athletes who are benefiting from this program come from different sports, different experience levels, and both genders.

This program will help you move to the next level if you:

  • Play individual sports like tennis, golf, swimming or track
  • Are involved with team sports like basketball, football, baseball or soccer
  • Are a junior athlete, or play for your junior high or high school team
  • Are an experienced athlete playing for your college or professionally
  • Consider yourself an amateur, but you are still serious about your sport

Although this program is strong enough to help a world champion, it will help you at almost every level.


Core Sports Performance Hypnotic Program from Dr. Jack Singer[box] The Difference Is Incredible

“The difference in my pole vaulting since listening to Dr. Singer’s hypnosis sessions is incredible. I started listening to the sessions over a year ago, and last year I set the high school record at 12’6″ as a freshman! I still listen to the sessions on my IPOD before every meet to relax and focus during the competitions!” – Shelby Kennard – High School Pole Vaulter – Jr. Olympics Nationals Winner [/box] [box] My Performance Jumped

“I’ve always been amazed at how confidence can affect race performance in endurance sports. The Core Sports Performance CDs helped me to stay relaxed the night before my Ironman 70.3 (half Ironman) and kept me positive on the race ahead. After just a few listens, my performance jumped.” – Mark Haskins, 37 – Age-Group Triathlete [/box]

A Coach’s Dream Come True

If you are a coach, then this is perfect for your clients or team. You know a big part of your job is to help your players get their minds right for both competition and their world outside their sport. In terms of emotion management, this program works exceptionally well for junior athletes.

If you are on a team, your coach will appreciate your new-found focus, discipline, and improved performance. Numerous coaches have learned about this program after noticing a drastic improvement in the performance of one of their players.

[box] Increased Confidence Also Served To Reinforce Leadership

“I have seen a pronounced and notable change in the manner in which one of my senior cross country girls approaches her race and, by extension, her running performance. During the entire last 5 weeks of the season she has been the most consistent runner on the team, and this increased confidence also served to reinforce her leadership. Jack and his program deserve a great deal of credit for her turnaround.” – Coach John Cornet – Southern Oregon [/box] [box] Wish I Had This Tool When I Was On The Pro Circuit!

“In 20 + years of coaching competitive tennis, I have never had a more effective tool for mentally preparing players for intense competition. Your program has continued to improve performance and I have no doubt will benefit him in tennis as well life’s “competition.” Wish I had had this tool when I was on the pro circuit!” – Hermann Pappas – Elite Athlete Tennis Coach – Former Professional Tennis Player [/box]

Core Sports Performance Hypnotic Program from Dr. Jack Singer