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Am I Too Sensitive To Criticism? [VIDEO]

By Dr. Jack Singer | General

Jun 27

YourTango Expert

Whether you’ve been through a divorce or some other stigmatized experience, it’s natural to feel sensitive when others bring it up. You may wonder whether they are judging you behind your back, or worse, right in front of your face.

In this video, therapist, author and YourTango Expert Dr. Jack Singer explains how to cope when others criticize you. “One thing you need to do,” says Dr. Singer, “is raise your self-esteem … one way to do that is to validate yourself on a constant basis.”

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About the Author

Author and professional speaker Dr. Jack Singer is a licensed Clinical, Sports and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, author, trainer and consultant. His expertise includes a Doctorate in Industrial / Organizational Psychology and a Post-Doctorate in Clinical / Sports Psychology.

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