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Jun 10

A Fabulous Idea to Firmly Rivet Your Clients and Their Friends to Your Brand

By Dr. Jack Singer | Featured , Workplace Wellness

With so much competition in the marketplace, many businesses are continually looking for ways to build their brand and expand their reach to new markets. This requires a business to develop a solid foundation of people and products in their own organization, which is fundamental to building a solid brand. However, some smart businesses are taking their growth to a whole new level by finding ways to rivet their clients and friends to their brand. Let me explain what I mean.

I was recently speaking with the marketing director of a wealth management firm that is heavily invested in wellness for their advisory team, as well as all of the other employees that make up their “family.” It was remarkable hearing about the kinds of wellness programs they conduct on a regular basis, and I am privileged that they are going to bring me in to conduct my unique programs as well. These types of programs are key to developing your employees – an essential part of your business foundation.

While we were chatting about the possibilities, she mentioned that they sometimes invite their clients to the workshops. What a terrific idea that is! It’s like passing forward the incredible, life-altering skills they are learning to their own clients. Now there’s a firm that GENUINELY cares about their clients!

And how do you suppose the clients now view this firm? Think they’ll start telling all their friends about the wonderful service and workshops they are getting? Of course, they will! This firm is creating brand advocates that will do their marketing for them – it’s brilliant!

You can incorporate this same initiative in your business. Here are some tips on how to start:

  1. Start from Within. Just as the company I mentioned above did, you need to start by investing in your internal teams to ensure that they are full supporters of your business and brand and have the skills necessary to offer your customers the best possible product and service. Just remember, it’s not only about what they know, but how they act and manage themselves around customers and clients.
  2. Offer Something Your Competitors Do Not. If you are looking for a sure way to stand apart from your competitors, find something they don’t offer and add it as an offering for your customers. Keep in mind; it has to have value and be something that your customers would want. Try using customer surveys to learn more about what they want and get creative to find something of value to offer.
  3. Ask Customers for Referrals. Your customers and clients are your best brand advocates, but businesses often fail to ask them to refer their business to friends and family that might be interested. While you can offer incentives for referrals, it’s not necessary. If you are providing excellent service and products that they can’t get elsewhere, and your customers actually feel that you have their best interest at heart, they’ll happily recommend you.

By investing a little time and money into your employees and customers, you’ll begin to see big returns on the building of your brand and business. Just ensure that you are taking the right steps towards success!

Apr 07

The Power of a Psychologically Healthy Workplace

By Dr. Jack Singer | Blog , Featured , Work-Life Balance , Workplace Wellness

For many years now, the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Center for Organizational Excellence has recognized companies across the U.S. that embody the principals of a “Psychologically Healthy Workplace.” For years, I’ve been involved in cutting-edge research on the specific ingredients that make up such workplaces.  All organizations should strive to embrace these characteristics, not simply because they are psychologically healthy for the employees, but because with healthy employees, absenteeism is less, morale is higher, and the quality of products is consistently higher.

Characteristics of a Psychologically Healthy Workplace

Employee Involvement

When employees participate in decision-making, including encouraging and considering their suggestions, they embrace those decisions and it foster’s creativity.

Work-life Balance

Helping employees to handle the challenges outside of work, such as the responsibilities of single parenting, takes much pressure off of them. Flexible working hours, for example, is one ingredient of the work-life balance equation for employees.

Personal and Professional Growth and Development

What does the company offer employees to increase their competencies? Cross-training opportunities for employees to rise within the company also keeps employees from looking elsewhere.

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Employee Recognition

Getting a raise is a form of recognition, but there are many other types of recognition, from company-wide awards ceremonies to fancy trips for top producers. The bottom line is that everyone loves recognition for his or her efforts and loyalty.

Health and Safety

Providing health and wellness workshops directed at educating employees about healthy lifestyles and preventing potential health problems is a must, not simply for the employees and their families, but for the overall health of the organization. For example, when companies bring me in to provide wellness workshops, my goal is to teach employees how to develop permanent resiliency skills, so that they never get overwhelmed by the stressors inherent in their jobs.

Examples of Comments from Employees About Why They Love Their Jobs

The APA surveys employees to determine what aspects of their jobs they love and they post them in their Highlights from the Good Company Blog. Here are some examples:

“Management listens to our concerns. There are regular Q&A’s where we can submit anonymous, public questions.”


“I love my job because I get to work from home every day, with flexible hours.”


“My co-workers are fun to work with.”

Having fun in the workplace is a major motivator, yet is missing in most work settings. Think strategically how you can improve this within your company and you’ll see a significant improvement in employees morale and overall dedication.

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Oct 11

Wow! This Feels Good!

By Dr. Jack Singer | Featured

” Hi Dr. Jack. I just want to send you a little note, letting you know that I’m really impressed and very thankful for the way you have already helped my son Tim! I don’t know if he has had a chance to tell you, but he pitched 5 innings last Friday and his text message to me after the game was this: “just threw the best I have in my life. 5 innings, no runs, 1 hit, 1 walk, my fastball was 88-93. Wow this feels good!” He also pitched another 4 great innings today. Hi’s confidence is up again, he’s doing great! I’m mostly impressed by the time factor; you realized his problem immediately, and did not hesitate to offer him the tools he needed just as fast.”

~Mother of  Tim B., University of North Carolina baseball pitcher.