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Feb 17

HUGE Kudos to Michael A. Sam

By Dr. Jack Singer | Professional Sports

Huge kudos to Michael Sams, the All-American defensive lineman from Missouri, for announcing that he is gay, prior to the the NFL draft. Here is a man with conviction, courage and intelligence, pre-empting difficulties he may have had by “hiding” during his NFL career. He is telling the NFL that he is here to help a team win… period.

By coming out, Michael will now know that whatever team selects him will have already dealt with the potential repercussions from the media and in the locker room and his transition as a rookie will be much smoother than if it came out after joining his team.

Michael wants to show who he is on the football field and that will gain him the respect he deserves. Of course, he is also paving the way for those to follow, much the same as Jackie Robinson did in baseball.

iHeart Radio Interview

Listen to a radio interview I did with David Essel on Saturday, February 15th about this issue. We were going to talk about stress mastery and chose to cover this important topic instead. Please be sure to leave your thoughts and observations in the comment area below. I would love to hear from you!